Saturday, 18 October 2014

Debs for less

The Debs season  is slowly coming to an end and we're already making plans for Debs 2015 (Basically Irish Prom/Formal) Although it seems a bit crazy to be thinking about what we'll wear already, its something we all do and something that requires a lot of planning so why not start early? The Debs can also be super pricey weather its your own Debs, your going with a friend or boyfriend, so here are my top tips for some ways to get around the crazy price tag and get something that looks amazing for less.

Shop sales and discount stores
At this time of the year you're sure to grab an amazing bargain! You do run the risk of getting sick of it but if you love it, you love it and probable wont! Have a look at the sales rack of Coast and House of Fraser. Other than that TK Max are known for doing some amazing designer dresses with up to 70% off all year round! You can be lucky here as often there is nothing other times you're spoiled for choice but it's definitely worth the visit. Often they stock dresses in very large sizes but its possible to buy it and bring it to a dressmaker to size
it down if its a good enough bargain!

Rent a Dress
Renting a dress means that you show up with a dress that would have cost an awful lot to buy paying about half the price which sounds like a great concept, the only downfall is you don't have a lot for it afterwards.To rent a dress would cost roughly around €150 so its really personal choice. Its possible that you could buy the exact same one for roughly around same price second hand and keep it which to me makes a lot of sense, remember lots of girls have worn this before you! It all depends really on availability, if you see what you want, go for it. Unless you're lucky you might not find what your looking for second hand so renting is a great  option, you get an amazing dress and the odds that you'll wear the dress again are slim anyway so why not rent it if its just for one night? In a lot of ways its a great option as you satisfy your expensive taste on a low budget! Great rental places are 'Carries Closet', 'Frock n' Fabulous' and 'The Ivory Closet'. Above are my top pics from carries closet.

Second Hand
I honestly cant stress enough what a great idea this is! If the whole thrifted idea isn't your thing I can understand why you might be a bit comprehensive about this but realistically girls often spend over €300 for a dress that's worn for a few hours and is then destined to sit in their wardrobe never to see the light of say again. Why not buy it off them for half the price? It makes perfect sense as long as its in good condition. Done Deal is great as you can contact the seller directly by phone. There are also plenty of Facebook pages with people advertising selling all sorts of things! Try "Debs Dresses for sale" of Facebook and see what comes up.

Buy plain and do up
Missguided have been doing fabulous long dressed this season that are great dupes for the off the wall designer labels and prices! Some are very like the likes of Carries closet (the blue especially) Get a classic black and pair it with statement jewellery, or something plain and embellish it yourself! Often dressmakers offer this service for under €20! These are a few of my favourites from missguided at the moment.

Borrow from a friend/cousin/relative
This would definitely be the cheapest option. Although you will have to pay for dry cleaning afterwards that will virtually be the only expense.  If its not your debs than this is a good option, if its yours you will probable want you'r own and who can blame you but this works if you've been to a few and dress shopping has become almost a chore!

So now you know how to look like Cinderella without a fairy godmother or breaking the bank! If anyone's still looking for a last minute dress for this year I hope this helps! For everyone else enjoy debs dress shopping and the whole experience even if it is a while off) All these suggestions also apply for college balls or black tie events of any sort. My poor baby blog has been seriously neglected lately and for that I'm so sorry but settling into 6th year has been crazy! With a mad amount of parties, settling into study and of course going to a Debs this year myself I've fallen behind on things but things should be back to order soon! Here's a group photo of myself and all the gal's off to this years Debs!

Photos sourced from Carries Closet, Missguided and Google images 

All for now


Saturday, 30 August 2014

Summer Lovin'

Its genuinely hard to believe that Summer is over already! It was definitely the fastest Summer ever but also one of if not the best! I threw together a few new bits and bobs that I discovered this Summer that I absolutely loved!

1)NAKED 2 pallet: I had been wanting to get this as soon as I hear it came out but never got around to getting it seen as I love my NAKED 1 but its safe to say I equally love this one! The main difference is that naked two has some lighter shades so its less smoky and really I find its better for everyday wear.

2)The Faults In Our stars: this year I really got out of the habit of reading but at the start of the summer I purchased a kindall which was the best idea ever! I just found it an effort to go to eassons every time you want to pick up a book, and it was also a light weight to bring on hols! TFIOS was on of the Summer's huge blockbusters in Cinemas which I still havent gone to see but the book was just amazing! It really gives you a greater appreciation for life, love and most things that we take for granted. Definitely a must read!

3)NescafĂ© Azera Americano Coffee: I'me an avid coffee drinker and have had many different types in my day but without a doubt the nicest at home coffee in a jar I've had yet  is Azera. It just tastes like happiness!

4)Stellar: At the start of the summer while sitting for hours in the hairdressers with what resembled heavy tinfoil on my head I picked up Stellar Magazine and was immediately hooked! Since I grew out of Kiss which was my ultimate favourite and is sadly closing down, I didn't have one I would religiously buy every month but it looks like things have changed!

5)Scented Candles: This is kind of self explanatory. I feel very old that  all of a sudden that I'm writing about my new found love for scented candles but recently I discovered that I love them, new guilty pleasure I guess!

5)Last but not least my new found appreciation and love for Bombay Bicycle Club, just before longitude I realised how great they were and now its my "good mood" music! Luna is my favourite song of theirs, it just reminds me of Longitude and what a great day we had! Definitely check them out.

Any new discoveries over the Summer? Let me know, 


Monday, 25 August 2014

Festival Season, Longitude 2014

Finally I'm home! After spending another 3 weeks on a language course this time in beautiful but pretty isolated Connemara, I'm sitting at my laptop writing a post about longitude which was about a month ago! This summer has literally been a blur, it seems like all I've been doing is packing and unpacking suitcases! Never the less I'm not complaining because it was all amazing. The Gaeltacht was as much fun as always and now after all my travels I've got to cram as many nights out as possible before 6th year and all that jazz. I went to Ikea with my mam the other day and bought a huge new study desk, its a nice desc don't get me wrong but the whole idea slightly depressing... Anyway I'm gone very off topic so  back to Longitude!

We decided to go on Friday mostly because of Ben Howard and Bastille but also because Saturday was the day before the Gaeltacht and if I could sum up the whole experience in one word it would be 'incredible' because that's just what it was! Normally days like this never meet your expectation but everything about it was brilliant! The atmosphere was so chilled, the weather was perfect and all the acts were unreal. Before the festival I started listening to Bombay Bicycle Club and and I'm so glad I did because they have been added to my list of favourite bands!
 The night before there was like a monsoon of rain so expecting a mudslide I went out and got Hunter  wellies (and welly warmers!) which of course with my luck meant it would not rain, not that I really wanted rain but I was all geared out so I was almost disappointed!(almost) Never the less at a festival I highly recommend bringing raid gear because you just never know with Irish weather! I also wore my Topshop Shorts and Top from Bershka throw in a hoodie some midi rings a choker that can also be purchased in topshop (I got mine for 50c in tteh Bananna tree years ago!) and your good to go!

Overall it was a great day and night! So much fun! I was only sorry we couldn't have stayed for the whole weekend, I'm already looking forward to next year when hopefully we will! For anyone heading to electric picnic next week have a bast! 

                                                                           All for now 


Saturday, 12 July 2014

Aztech nail art tuturial

 Aztec nails are perfect for the summer, especially with so many great festivals coming up! It's a design that I absolutely love doing because it's pretty easy to do but look edgy and different! I'm just back from my French elc course after nearly 3 weeks and I have to say it was unbelievable but I'm glad to be home! Met such great people and learned loads so it was well worth it!

I'm absolutely obsessed with Inglot nail varnish its just brilliant! A little on the pricey side but totally worth it. Start by doing two coats of the lighter colour of your choice,, I used a peach colour from essence. Then go over with the other colour wherever you want the Aztec design. I highly recommend Inglots black nail art varnish as its a long skinny brush that's very easy to use. Using that or a nail art brush draw lines as shown starting from the centre outwards, then remove any smudges with nail varnish remover. Finish with a clear topcoat and your done! Enjoy and leave me a comment if you've any questions.

                                                                                   Rachael x 

Friday, 20 June 2014

Trip to the Algarve

Last week myself and my family had an amazing holiday in Praia de Rocha, Portugal and I thought I'd do a quick post on it! We go France every single year so it was nice to have a bit of a change. As you can see I had fabulous cocktails and the weather was incredible which sadly resulted in me turning into a lobster *sigh but overall its was a great relaxing week! I've only been back for a few days but I'm off again on Monday for a two and a half week stay in French college that will hopefully improve my terrible French in time for the  Leaving Cert that's coming my way in September! Not something I want to think about right now, summer is still well and truly here. 


Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Style Envy Met Gala

A little while ago the annual met gala took place and I have to say this is personally my favourite style wise when it comes to red carpet events! Outside the metropolitan museum of art fabulous ball gowns could be seen as well as tailored pieces that looked just as dressy. Kendal Jenner wore Topshop and looked amazing! Her gown was like something from a fairytale but she somehow pulled it off without looking like a meringue! Blake Lively wore a Gucci gown that looked equally stunning and fit her in all the right places. Both dresses are along the nude champaign colour scheme which I love, it always looks so classic and cheque. Rihanna and Cara Delevene both were sporting Stella Mcartney pieces and I think I have just found my favourite designer because wow, how amazing do they look!? Cara in fitted cigarette pants and a black crop could stand beside Blake and still not look under dressed. Rihannas co-ord was just perfect. It was cool and edgy but still glamorous and sophisticated. Unfortunately this post along with many others got delayed for a whole lot of reasons thrown together, mostly being we switched internet providers which completely messed up our connection! Its finally back on track now! Before whenever it was working I was crazy busy studying for exams and then I was off to Portugal! So blogging took a bit of a back seat but I shall make up for it just bare with me. All for now


Monday, 5 May 2014

Kate moss Topshop collection

As you probably already know one of the most sought after collections by the iconic Kate Moss hit shops nationwide last Wednesday. Its been seven years since her last collection with Topshop and Kate says this collection is "a bit more sophisticated" Personally I am so excited! Kate is definitely one of my favourite style icons and Topshop as you know is one of my favourite high street brands so this combination is just amazing. I cant wait to pop in store and have a proper look! For now Here's a behind the scenes sneak peek!


Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Real Techniques Core Collection Review

Although this has been done a million times over I thought I'd do a quick review on the Samantha Chapman Real Techniques core collection, short and simple!I recently bought the set after hearing amazing things about the brushes and I have to say they almost tick all the boxes! Pros: super soft, great quality, contour brush is amazing and so is the buffer brush! Only con is that the foundation brush is a bit small, I'm pretty much still using my old one because it would take all day using the RT brush, however its great for fixing bits and touching up after doing eye make-up. The smallest brush can be used for concealer or as a lip brush which is really handy! Overall great buy, I  look forward to building a collection of these beauties! 


Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Coachella Style

I'm sure you've heard that over the past few days one of the biggest and best music and arts festivals in the world has been going on is California. For celebrities this is like a red carpet opportunity, where you can actually show off of personal taste and style. For me its clear that Vanessa Hudgens is the absolute Queen of Coachella! Her Boho style ticks all the boxes of festival must haves, and her accessories give her that extra edge. Floral headbands, flowy kimonos vintage specks and layered necklaces complete her look. Every day she just looks effortlessly amazing! Total win.
As always Kendall and Kylie have made an apprentice looking like they've just stepped out of a photo shoot. Love them or loath them when is comes to style, no one can deny the the Jenner sisters have got it.  Again the festival staples of floral headbands and long  kimonos and layered necklaced can be seen, pared with boots cons or sandals. Kylie is sporting a cool studded bumbag which is like a carbon copy of one I saw recently in RI, as well as coloured Ray-band's which add a touch of colour to the outfit. Altogether the girls look flawless.

All for now 


Sunday, 30 March 2014

Junk Kouture

Although its hard to believe, almost a year ago myself and my friend Rachel (yes I know) took part in an amazing competition called "Junk Kouture" Its a National Competition that encourages young designers to create high fashion outfits from recycled materials otherwise thrown in the bin!

Our theme was the development of music and sound used throughout history such as Cd's records and tape. Drawing inspiration from fashion icons Lady gaga and Madonna we set out to make our design. We first made it through to the Eastern regional final in the Helix, where there were 80 designs short-listed. Waiting for the verdict at the side of the stage was probably the most nerve racking experience every but finally our design 'Wired for Sound' was called out and I joined the other 20 finalists on the stage!

 The judges included Tracy Fahey, Yvonne Homes, International model Faye Dinsmore and of course someone I completely look up to and aspire to be like Darren Kennedy Stylist, Tv presenter and founder and editor or This year Rosanna Davison has even been added to the panel!

 The grand final was in the Board Gais Energy Theatre on the 19th of April and that was just a crazy, exciting, stressful, terrifyingly amazing day! We didn't win but it really didn't matter, we were so happy to have gotten through to the final and have been part of it all. Junk Kouture is a unique competition, its gives young people a platform to showcase their talent, be it designing, modelling, make-up artistry, hairdressing music editing or even dancing as all were taken into consideration for points. The fact that so many things that I'm passionate about were incorporated into one competition is what I loved about it.

 This year a group of girls from my school got through to the Eastern regional final with their design 'Queen of Hearts' which was a really cool design inspired my boardgames! This Grand Final is on again this year in the Bord Gais Energy Theatre the 2nd of May but tickets for the event go on sale tomorrow! You can buy them online for €20 from Ticketmaster. I would highly recommend going to the show. Although last year I didn't get to see it myself seen as I was in it, I was told it was an unforgeable experience! Definitely the craziest most creative fashion show you will ever go to.

Above is a video I made as part of a Ty project that basically shows the whole process from thinking up the                                           idea, to how we made it to reaching the Grand Final


Saturday, 29 March 2014

My 18th Birthday!

So almost two weeks ago I turned 18 and its actually crazy how time flies! It really feel like I blinked and its gone. I'm a Paddys day baby so with my birthday being on the 17th of March I decided to have the party the night before! It was such a great night even if it did get a little bit crazy in the end but I guess that happens when you have roughly 130 people at an event! It was neon themed so I had lots of glow sticks and some neon paint, my outfit even ended up going along with the theme too! I also had a DIY photobooth with was fun! Although this post is a tad late I though I'd do it all the same to show you guys! Unfortunately I've been so busy over the past few weeks that blogging has taken a back seat but I promise to get up to scratch and I'll be doing a double post this week to make up for it! Below is what I wore the night of my party and a few of the presents I got!

                           Birthday Outfit 

You'd swear judging by what I wore that one day I went into Riverisland for a one stop shop kind of thing but I actually bought al these things at different times! My black heels are from korkys and I have theses babies for what seems like forever but the rest of the attire is all RI. The dress was €60 but the bag was €20 if I remember rightly and the necklace was around €20 as well, all quite pricey but your only 18 once right? Investing in a nice black clutch bag is never a bad idea and the statement necklace will surely become one of my staple pieces to dress up a simple outfit!

My friends got me the most thoughtful gifts! A bag full of random goodies including a birthday badge they insisted I wear and a topshop voucher so I'll be getting lots of new bits really soon! My 4 best guy friends also got me a topshop voucher aswell unknowingly, I got lots of other vouchers and dollas form all my friends and family so a serious shopping trip is in store! My favourite present would have to be the Pandora ring my nana got for me! She said she wanted to get me something I'd always have which is so sweet and also a very good idea because otherwise I'd probably spend it on food or something... or clothes but its nice to have something like that from your nana ! My amazing parentals threw me a party and got me driving lessons so hopefully after the summer I'll be on my way to getting that licence (and one day that mini cooper!) I also decide to go for my first birthday purchase and buy the River Island chunky platform heels only in peach instead of black because I thought they were more unusual seen as I already have a black pair of heels and I'm absolutely obsessed, love them so much!

                                                 My main ladies 

That's that's all for now lovelies, another post on the way! What did you do for your 18th birthday? Drop me a comment and let me know!


Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Oscars best dressed

The Oscars, that annual event that everyone know and loves has come again and this year the fabulous dressed are better than ever! This years Oscars featured the oh so talked about celebrity selfie which is just brilliant! Sadly once again Leo returned home empty handed which I still don't understand as he is in my opinion one of the best actors of all time *sigh, but of course it wouldn't be the Oscars unless Jenifer Lawerence falls on the red carpet, elegant as usual but that's why I love her. Luoita Nyong'o the rising star looked flawless in a pale blue number. Apparently she's worn pretty much every colour under the sun to some highlight established event and this completes the rainbow of gowns! Jenifer Lawerence wore a fitted red dress (that was apparently quite difficult to walk in!) but her fall does not matter because when she fell she looked good! To say the least she works that up do and even managed to get in the celebrity selfie. Last but not at all least is Emma Watson who always brings a classy sophisticated look to the red carpet. Her black sheer gown looked amazing on her and she just looked all around fabulous. 

 Paler nude dresses were definitely a favourite this year. Maria Menounos looked absolutely stunning! Her dress is quite simple but with a fancy up do and coordinated clutch bag the whole look just comes together perfectly. Angelina Jolie as per usual looked amazing in a shimmery champaign coloured dress. Lady gaga was quite the surprise, her dusty pink ensemble flattered her figure and was not her usual crazy style but was absolutely gorgeous! Have to say I'm not crazy bout the scarf piece but other than that I love this look! 

                              What do you guys think? Leave me a comment and let me know!

                                                                   Rachael x

Monday, 10 February 2014

River Island wishlist

New wishlist all things River Island! Although we're coming out of the Winter season and into Spring/Summer its still a bit early for shorts and crop tops! February is that in between month where the shops are flooded with new season swimwear and sunglasses that you just can't bring yourself to buy because well, its raining buckets! It is here at the moment anyway, serious flooding going on. So its not quite time to say goodbye to boots and woolly jumpers just yet, the way were going we may never have to! My top RI picks are...
1.Gold chains, love the double layer
2.Midi rings, I've been meaning to get these for a while
3.Double buckle Chelsea boots (on yet another wishlist!)
4.Gingham print monochrome trouser leggings, have a slight addiction to buying black and white!
5.Red tartan shirt, been wanting one forever
6.Black tube pants, really need a good quality pair of high waisted black jeans!
7.Black platform heels, at first I wasn't crazy about these but the more I look at them, the more I am!
8.Chunky leather belt, hope to invest in a few belts and they give an extra edge to an outfit.
9.Tartan Skort, so versatile, you could dress it up with a black top heels and jewellery or down with black tights boots and a jacket

I'd just like to say a huge thank you to anyone who has commented on or followed my blog in the last month, I'v now got 18 followers and that may seem unbelievably insignificant in comparison to these amazing successful blogs but I'm so happy that there's even 18 people out there who care to read what I have to say! It makes my day any time I get a new follower and I always try follow back if I can, so if you like this post click that button please and thank you!Until next week

                                                              Rachael x


Sunday, 2 February 2014

What's in my make-up bag, everyday essentials

Yesterday I went and topped up on a few of the make-up staples that I buy again and again, bronzer eye liner and foundation always seems to run out at the same time for me! So I thought to do a post on what I normally have in my make-up bag, just the essentials that I'd wear on a regular day. Going out make-up  would feature a lot more sparkly eye shadow and fake lashes! The perfume I use is a 'Gina' by Benefit and it is possibly the most amazing thing you will ever smell in your life. Ok maybe a slight over reaction but I've been getting this for years and I'm just putting it out there! Everything else in listed below.

To be honest I couldn't tell you where my moisturiser is from because my mam just picked it up for me one day but do make sure you always wear face moisturiser to prevent your foundation from cracking. Cheap and cheerful does fine! Benefit's dr.feelgood is great if your having a day where you don't feel like wearing heavy make-up, I don't really use it that often but its handy to have! Rimmel primer is fantastic, keeps your make-up on for longer and creates a matte finish before you apply your foundation. I use Bourjois Healthy mix foundation. I've been using this for ages now and absolutely swear by it! I've tried mac and although there's great coverage its very thick, I might try it again some time but I really love this foundation so I'll be sticking to it . It's only €14.50 and smells amazing. I use Natural collection powder which is brilliant and seriously cheap as is Miss sporty bronzer and Catrice blusher all available from boots.

I have a lot of eye shadows, but the pallet that I use every day is the original Naked Pallet. Its so handy for an everyday look because its natural and you can build up the colour to make it more dramatic if needs be. Its so easy to blend and is just altogether amazing! The Naked 2 and 3 are on my future list but if you don't have at least one of these you need to go and get one! The matt colours are also great for filling in your eyebrows. For eyeliner I use rimmel glam eyes, eyeliner flicks are something I need in a everyday look! This is the best liquid liner I've tried is pretty affordable too.They're real Benefit mascara is unbelievable! Its a bit pricey but the tube lasts for ages and its completely worth it. One of my best buys .

Ok I know this seems like a lot for an everyday look but generally this is the minimum I'd have in my bag as regards lip products! What a lot of people don't know is that like the make-up on your face, your lipstick will crack if you don't moisturise your lips! Not the same type but always put lip balm of some sort on first! Lipstick without liner can be tricky and tends to run so I'd always recommend a liner Catrice do very affordable ones! I've two dark lipsticks here that I would wear as an everyday look but it depends on the situation because they are very bold. Nude lips are always a safe bet and soap and glory sexy mother pucker is great for something natural. Also if you have very dramatic eye make-up you don't want to go overboard on lips! It tends to look a bit (clowney) 

As always thanks for reading, feel free to comment your best beauty buy or a staple in you make-up bag! Until next week, 

Rachael x 

Monday, 20 January 2014

Golden Globe awards Best Dressed

The 12th of January marked the beginning of the 2014 award ceremonies, the 71st Golden Globe Awards! Personally I love to watch the highlights, the funny bits that are said and done, but of course the best part for most of us is looking over the fabulous gowns that celebrities never fail to amaze us with, sometimes not for the right reasons! However these are my top 4 favourite from the 2014 Golden Globes. Cream, Silver, Black and red are classic colours that I find never fail when it comes to evening wear. Each dress is just so elegant and sophisticated! Love them all, but in order...

#1 Margot Robbie, her Cream Gucc gown is definitely my favourite. The outfit is just perfect right down to the green louboutons matching the beading on the bodice. The slit and plunging neckline are also perfect and overall I just love it! 

#2 Kate Beckinsale, her silver strapless Zuhair Murad gown is such a flattering shape and is very glitzy and glamorous. 

#Emma Roberts You really cant go wrong with a LBD  and this Lanvin number is a perfect example! Emma looks elegant and classy but still not and if she's dressed too old for her age. The black dress also means there's opportunity for statement jewellery, in this case a bold turquoise.

#4 Amy Adams, her V neck-plunging Valentino gown is fourth on my list. I love red dressed in general and  I actually really like the two shades of red coming together here, however the lighter one is a bit too similar to the carpet itself so she kind of tends to blend into it! Regardless I really like this dress on her and I think she looks gorgeous. 

Jennifer Lawrence's oh so controversial number is something I'm personally not a fan of, it was by no means the worst but I did have higher expectations for her! The response pictures were pretty hilarious, guys tying bedsheets around themselves with belts, it looked scarily similar... but she is my Idol and because of  that she gets a free pass! Her hair and make-up was fierce and if it weren't for the second band I would have really liked it,  I think she pulls it off but it wouldn't be my favourite dress.

 Emma Watson was also dressed in  rather controversial attire, some love it some hate it, I think its pretty cool, it looks like a dress from the front, and is then is  backless revealing black fitted trousers. Its a very different look and that's what I like about it, but on the other hand I think I still prefer the classic evening dress for something like the Golden Globes! 

Taylor Swift's dress was described as red much like her signature look but I don't know what people are on about because it is pinky and I'm personally not crazy about it! In the past she has looked so amazing that this is just a bit of a let down. 
Although all three of there lovely ladies looked gorgeous I think I'd make a few changes! What do you guys think? Leave me a comment to let me know! 

  Rachael x 

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Topshop Wishlist

So I've basically put together what I would buy if I were to walk into Topshop tomorrow with a crazy amount of money. I absolutely love everything from Topshop but sadly its one of the most expensive high-street shops! *sigh so during the winter sales I picked up a few bits which I'm completely in love with and will hopefully post a little later. Right now though I really like the whole tartan trend, especially green which is a bit different from the classic red. I really want a pair of Chelsea boots now but I have a pair of biker boots that I bought  before Christmas from River Island that I wear with practically everything, and I'm not sure if there's much point coming into spring/summer, then again it's always cold in Ireland so it wouldn't make much of a difference! Topshop mom jeans are basically a copy of vintage levi's and they are amazing, need a pair of these in my life! Classic black tee's and a kimono are definitely on my list, missguided were having a huge sale on kimonos a while back but by the time I got around to it, it was over, always happens! Finally Topshop lipstick in Damned, and Nail-varnish in Blue Jeans. Everything from the list above is from Topshop and is new in stock so there's plenty of time to get them. Happy Shopping! x

Friday, 3 January 2014

As so it begins...

So its the start of 2014, a new beginning whatever way you look at it, and I've finally gotten around to starting the blog that I've always talked about starting but had never quite followed through with.
                             People have been talking a lot lately of the old clichĂ© "new year, new me" of course once its January there is no magical miraculous change that transforms you as a person! Of course nothing will change, unless you decide that it will. It is a chance for you to make a change big or small, something that you decide to make happen, because ultimately everything is the same unless you make it different. A new start, a new year. So for me this is the first step, the first change and new years resolution along with many more that probably wont happen! (then again when do they ever?) So here it is, first blog post with hopefully many more to come x
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