Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Real Techniques Core Collection Review

Although this has been done a million times over I thought I'd do a quick review on the Samantha Chapman Real Techniques core collection, short and simple!I recently bought the set after hearing amazing things about the brushes and I have to say they almost tick all the boxes! Pros: super soft, great quality, contour brush is amazing and so is the buffer brush! Only con is that the foundation brush is a bit small, I'm pretty much still using my old one because it would take all day using the RT brush, however its great for fixing bits and touching up after doing eye make-up. The smallest brush can be used for concealer or as a lip brush which is really handy! Overall great buy, I  look forward to building a collection of these beauties! 


Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Coachella Style

I'm sure you've heard that over the past few days one of the biggest and best music and arts festivals in the world has been going on is California. For celebrities this is like a red carpet opportunity, where you can actually show off of personal taste and style. For me its clear that Vanessa Hudgens is the absolute Queen of Coachella! Her Boho style ticks all the boxes of festival must haves, and her accessories give her that extra edge. Floral headbands, flowy kimonos vintage specks and layered necklaces complete her look. Every day she just looks effortlessly amazing! Total win.
As always Kendall and Kylie have made an apprentice looking like they've just stepped out of a photo shoot. Love them or loath them when is comes to style, no one can deny the the Jenner sisters have got it.  Again the festival staples of floral headbands and long  kimonos and layered necklaced can be seen, pared with boots cons or sandals. Kylie is sporting a cool studded bumbag which is like a carbon copy of one I saw recently in RI, as well as coloured Ray-band's which add a touch of colour to the outfit. Altogether the girls look flawless.

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