Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Oscars best dressed

The Oscars, that annual event that everyone know and loves has come again and this year the fabulous dressed are better than ever! This years Oscars featured the oh so talked about celebrity selfie which is just brilliant! Sadly once again Leo returned home empty handed which I still don't understand as he is in my opinion one of the best actors of all time *sigh, but of course it wouldn't be the Oscars unless Jenifer Lawerence falls on the red carpet, elegant as usual but that's why I love her. Luoita Nyong'o the rising star looked flawless in a pale blue number. Apparently she's worn pretty much every colour under the sun to some highlight established event and this completes the rainbow of gowns! Jenifer Lawerence wore a fitted red dress (that was apparently quite difficult to walk in!) but her fall does not matter because when she fell she looked good! To say the least she works that up do and even managed to get in the celebrity selfie. Last but not at all least is Emma Watson who always brings a classy sophisticated look to the red carpet. Her black sheer gown looked amazing on her and she just looked all around fabulous. 

 Paler nude dresses were definitely a favourite this year. Maria Menounos looked absolutely stunning! Her dress is quite simple but with a fancy up do and coordinated clutch bag the whole look just comes together perfectly. Angelina Jolie as per usual looked amazing in a shimmery champaign coloured dress. Lady gaga was quite the surprise, her dusty pink ensemble flattered her figure and was not her usual crazy style but was absolutely gorgeous! Have to say I'm not crazy bout the scarf piece but other than that I love this look! 

                              What do you guys think? Leave me a comment and let me know!

                                                                   Rachael x


  1. It's funny that we have such different opinions except for Jennifer, nice pics! Check out mine:

    1. Yeah Jennifer looked amazing as always! I certainly will :)

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