Friday, 3 January 2014

As so it begins...

So its the start of 2014, a new beginning whatever way you look at it, and I've finally gotten around to starting the blog that I've always talked about starting but had never quite followed through with.
                             People have been talking a lot lately of the old cliché "new year, new me" of course once its January there is no magical miraculous change that transforms you as a person! Of course nothing will change, unless you decide that it will. It is a chance for you to make a change big or small, something that you decide to make happen, because ultimately everything is the same unless you make it different. A new start, a new year. So for me this is the first step, the first change and new years resolution along with many more that probably wont happen! (then again when do they ever?) So here it is, first blog post with hopefully many more to come x


  1. This is so inspirational and I can completely relate! Love your blog, and I look forward to seeing many wonderful posts from you!

    1. Oh my goodness that's unbelievably sweet thank you so much! Really looking forward to keeping up with yours too! :)

  2. So cool! I created my recently too, I actually published my first post the first day of 2014 :)! I looking forward to reading your posts... I follow you on bloglovin and I follow you here too! Check out my blog ;)

  3. Aw thank you so much! course I will x


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