Sunday, 30 March 2014

Junk Kouture

Although its hard to believe, almost a year ago myself and my friend Rachel (yes I know) took part in an amazing competition called "Junk Kouture" Its a National Competition that encourages young designers to create high fashion outfits from recycled materials otherwise thrown in the bin!

Our theme was the development of music and sound used throughout history such as Cd's records and tape. Drawing inspiration from fashion icons Lady gaga and Madonna we set out to make our design. We first made it through to the Eastern regional final in the Helix, where there were 80 designs short-listed. Waiting for the verdict at the side of the stage was probably the most nerve racking experience every but finally our design 'Wired for Sound' was called out and I joined the other 20 finalists on the stage!

 The judges included Tracy Fahey, Yvonne Homes, International model Faye Dinsmore and of course someone I completely look up to and aspire to be like Darren Kennedy Stylist, Tv presenter and founder and editor or This year Rosanna Davison has even been added to the panel!

 The grand final was in the Board Gais Energy Theatre on the 19th of April and that was just a crazy, exciting, stressful, terrifyingly amazing day! We didn't win but it really didn't matter, we were so happy to have gotten through to the final and have been part of it all. Junk Kouture is a unique competition, its gives young people a platform to showcase their talent, be it designing, modelling, make-up artistry, hairdressing music editing or even dancing as all were taken into consideration for points. The fact that so many things that I'm passionate about were incorporated into one competition is what I loved about it.

 This year a group of girls from my school got through to the Eastern regional final with their design 'Queen of Hearts' which was a really cool design inspired my boardgames! This Grand Final is on again this year in the Bord Gais Energy Theatre the 2nd of May but tickets for the event go on sale tomorrow! You can buy them online for €20 from Ticketmaster. I would highly recommend going to the show. Although last year I didn't get to see it myself seen as I was in it, I was told it was an unforgeable experience! Definitely the craziest most creative fashion show you will ever go to.

Above is a video I made as part of a Ty project that basically shows the whole process from thinking up the                                           idea, to how we made it to reaching the Grand Final


Saturday, 29 March 2014

My 18th Birthday!

So almost two weeks ago I turned 18 and its actually crazy how time flies! It really feel like I blinked and its gone. I'm a Paddys day baby so with my birthday being on the 17th of March I decided to have the party the night before! It was such a great night even if it did get a little bit crazy in the end but I guess that happens when you have roughly 130 people at an event! It was neon themed so I had lots of glow sticks and some neon paint, my outfit even ended up going along with the theme too! I also had a DIY photobooth with was fun! Although this post is a tad late I though I'd do it all the same to show you guys! Unfortunately I've been so busy over the past few weeks that blogging has taken a back seat but I promise to get up to scratch and I'll be doing a double post this week to make up for it! Below is what I wore the night of my party and a few of the presents I got!

                           Birthday Outfit 

You'd swear judging by what I wore that one day I went into Riverisland for a one stop shop kind of thing but I actually bought al these things at different times! My black heels are from korkys and I have theses babies for what seems like forever but the rest of the attire is all RI. The dress was €60 but the bag was €20 if I remember rightly and the necklace was around €20 as well, all quite pricey but your only 18 once right? Investing in a nice black clutch bag is never a bad idea and the statement necklace will surely become one of my staple pieces to dress up a simple outfit!

My friends got me the most thoughtful gifts! A bag full of random goodies including a birthday badge they insisted I wear and a topshop voucher so I'll be getting lots of new bits really soon! My 4 best guy friends also got me a topshop voucher aswell unknowingly, I got lots of other vouchers and dollas form all my friends and family so a serious shopping trip is in store! My favourite present would have to be the Pandora ring my nana got for me! She said she wanted to get me something I'd always have which is so sweet and also a very good idea because otherwise I'd probably spend it on food or something... or clothes but its nice to have something like that from your nana ! My amazing parentals threw me a party and got me driving lessons so hopefully after the summer I'll be on my way to getting that licence (and one day that mini cooper!) I also decide to go for my first birthday purchase and buy the River Island chunky platform heels only in peach instead of black because I thought they were more unusual seen as I already have a black pair of heels and I'm absolutely obsessed, love them so much!

                                                 My main ladies 

That's that's all for now lovelies, another post on the way! What did you do for your 18th birthday? Drop me a comment and let me know!


Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Oscars best dressed

The Oscars, that annual event that everyone know and loves has come again and this year the fabulous dressed are better than ever! This years Oscars featured the oh so talked about celebrity selfie which is just brilliant! Sadly once again Leo returned home empty handed which I still don't understand as he is in my opinion one of the best actors of all time *sigh, but of course it wouldn't be the Oscars unless Jenifer Lawerence falls on the red carpet, elegant as usual but that's why I love her. Luoita Nyong'o the rising star looked flawless in a pale blue number. Apparently she's worn pretty much every colour under the sun to some highlight established event and this completes the rainbow of gowns! Jenifer Lawerence wore a fitted red dress (that was apparently quite difficult to walk in!) but her fall does not matter because when she fell she looked good! To say the least she works that up do and even managed to get in the celebrity selfie. Last but not at all least is Emma Watson who always brings a classy sophisticated look to the red carpet. Her black sheer gown looked amazing on her and she just looked all around fabulous. 

 Paler nude dresses were definitely a favourite this year. Maria Menounos looked absolutely stunning! Her dress is quite simple but with a fancy up do and coordinated clutch bag the whole look just comes together perfectly. Angelina Jolie as per usual looked amazing in a shimmery champaign coloured dress. Lady gaga was quite the surprise, her dusty pink ensemble flattered her figure and was not her usual crazy style but was absolutely gorgeous! Have to say I'm not crazy bout the scarf piece but other than that I love this look! 

                              What do you guys think? Leave me a comment and let me know!

                                                                   Rachael x
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