Friday, 29 April 2016

Brussels and Amsterdam photo diary

Back in February I travelled to both Brussels and Amsterdam alongside my friend Maeve to visit our  friend Emma who is currently living in Brussels on placement.  After flying to Brussels and meeting Emma we spent the evening in the city, the next day we took a bus to Amsterdam and had two days to explore. 

Being typical tourists we took the 'Dungeon's Tour', a bout trip and visited the 'Ice bar', all of which were extremely cool and well worth a visit. After spending the night in Amsterdam and wondering around for two days, we got a bus back to Brussels where we got a real feel for the beautiful City. 

In Brussels the nigh life is fantastic, the waffles are amazing and the shops are cool and quirky. We stumbled across a vintage record shop where I was able to get a really unique gift to bring back. Architecturally  Brussels is fantastic.  'Le Grande Place' is just amazing. We went at night-time and got to see it lit up and sparkling. 

Below are some photos of the highlights of our trip 

Just as we arrived in Amsterdam 

The boat trip and the Ice Bar


View from the boat 

The three of us outside grand central station about to get the train and the bus back to Brussels

Serious Belgian waffles  

The quirky record shop in Brussels 

               Le grand Place

Overall it was an absolutely brilliant trip, I was only sorry I couldn't have spent longer in both Cities! I really hope I get the chance to go back to both someday soon, there's so much more that I need to see! 

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