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Debs for less

The Debs season  is slowly coming to an end and we're already making plans for Debs 2015 (Basically Irish Prom/Formal) Although it seems a bit crazy to be thinking about what we'll wear already, its something we all do and something that requires a lot of planning so why not start early? The Debs can also be super pricey weather its your own Debs, your going with a friend or boyfriend, so here are my top tips for some ways to get around the crazy price tag and get something that looks amazing for less.

Shop sales and discount stores
At this time of the year you're sure to grab an amazing bargain! You do run the risk of getting sick of it but if you love it, you love it and probable wont! Have a look at the sales rack of Coast and House of Fraser. Other than that TK Max are known for doing some amazing designer dresses with up to 70% off all year round! You can be lucky here as often there is nothing other times you're spoiled for choice but it's definitely worth the visit. Often they stock dresses in very large sizes but its possible to buy it and bring it to a dressmaker to size
it down if its a good enough bargain!

Rent a Dress
Renting a dress means that you show up with a dress that would have cost an awful lot to buy paying about half the price which sounds like a great concept, the only downfall is you don't have a lot for it afterwards.To rent a dress would cost roughly around €150 so its really personal choice. Its possible that you could buy the exact same one for roughly around same price second hand and keep it which to me makes a lot of sense, remember lots of girls have worn this before you! It all depends really on availability, if you see what you want, go for it. Unless you're lucky you might not find what your looking for second hand so renting is a great  option, you get an amazing dress and the odds that you'll wear the dress again are slim anyway so why not rent it if its just for one night? In a lot of ways its a great option as you satisfy your expensive taste on a low budget! Great rental places are 'Carries Closet', 'Frock n' Fabulous' and 'The Ivory Closet'. Above are my top pics from carries closet.

Second Hand
I honestly cant stress enough what a great idea this is! If the whole thrifted idea isn't your thing I can understand why you might be a bit comprehensive about this but realistically girls often spend over €300 for a dress that's worn for a few hours and is then destined to sit in their wardrobe never to see the light of say again. Why not buy it off them for half the price? It makes perfect sense as long as its in good condition. Done Deal is great as you can contact the seller directly by phone. There are also plenty of Facebook pages with people advertising selling all sorts of things! Try "Debs Dresses for sale" of Facebook and see what comes up.

Buy plain and do up
Missguided have been doing fabulous long dressed this season that are great dupes for the off the wall designer labels and prices! Some are very like the likes of Carries closet (the blue especially) Get a classic black and pair it with statement jewellery, or something plain and embellish it yourself! Often dressmakers offer this service for under €20! These are a few of my favourites from missguided at the moment.

Borrow from a friend/cousin/relative
This would definitely be the cheapest option. Although you will have to pay for dry cleaning afterwards that will virtually be the only expense.  If its not your debs than this is a good option, if its yours you will probable want you'r own and who can blame you but this works if you've been to a few and dress shopping has become almost a chore!

So now you know how to look like Cinderella without a fairy godmother or breaking the bank! If anyone's still looking for a last minute dress for this year I hope this helps! For everyone else enjoy debs dress shopping and the whole experience even if it is a while off) All these suggestions also apply for college balls or black tie events of any sort. My poor baby blog has been seriously neglected lately and for that I'm so sorry but settling into 6th year has been crazy! With a mad amount of parties, settling into study and of course going to a Debs this year myself I've fallen behind on things but things should be back to order soon! Here's a group photo of myself and all the gal's off to this years Debs!

Photos sourced from Carries Closet, Missguided and Google images 

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