Saturday, 19 September 2015

Cleaning out ma' closet, advise from a fellow hoarder

Once again Autumn is here and Summer is over. I've so many mixed feeling in regards to this because yay to woolly jumpers, big scarf's, hot chocolate and cosy movie nights but nay to all the fun of Summer, nothing lasts forever though! I decided I had to accept the change and pack away my Summer wardrobe  and while I was at it do a proper clear out! I am a total hoarder so this was very difficult. I seem to fully believe that the "I heart Paris" jumper I bought in 2nd year will come in handy one day (no I did  not get rid of it!) or that a certain pair of shoes will come back in style... plus  everything just seems to have sentimental value! Its just heartbreaking really. Saying that I did try to be ruthless which was painful! For days I found myself like Cher here with a mountain of clothes staring at me. So here are my top tips quite possibly from one clothes hoarder to another. 

      Rachael's Golden Rules 

1 The one year rule  Have you worn this item in the past year? If the answer is no its straight to the maybe pile. I know this is the hard part! 

2 The maybe pile  So now you think you might be ready to part with something, but your not sure if your really truly  ready for such a commitment, You've just met? You haven't seen each other in so long? Or you barely even know this lonely jumper that's been hiding in your wardrobe all winter long! Maybe it's not time to say goodbye? Or maybe it is. Relax you're not married to it! Put it in the maybe pile and in time it'll make sense. You can always change you mind and put it back to its cosy spot in the wardrobe if it's what your heart desires. 

3 Depop is life Now that the anxiety of loosing all you beloveds has gone, you can finally make the step and put them on depop! Its the perfect way to create space, make some dollahs and give your pre loved items a new home! And if it doesn't sell? Well I guess you'll just have to keep it! What a shame... 

4 Space and Dollahs As sad as you are to see your old friends go, think of the moolah you've now got to buy new clothes, and now space too! Wahey you're already over this break up because there is a new par of jeans calling your name! Your hoardish personality may very well just get addicted to this new regime and if so hoarding could just a a thing of the past! For me... we're getting there! 

Hope you lovely ladies have found this helpful, I'd love to know you you've got on! Lemme know  happy de- cluttering and 
Good luck!


  1. I usually have a 6 months rule, sometimes even less lol I don't like to keep things x) Nice tips thought !


    1. A 6 month rule is probably better! haha I'm the opposite I like to hang on to everything! Thanks Sara x


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